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Become a Member

How do I become a member? 

$30 is our annual Membership fee for April 1 – March 31st   This fee will cover you for the entire year.

$25/month  for Chair Yoga (also entitles you to participate in all other programs)

$10/month for all program other than Chair Yoga (entitles you to participate in all other non-yoga programs)

Accepting Cash or Cheque

Let's Make A Change

We rely on individual donations and community grants to support our seniors programs.    Your 100% tax deductible gift will help us continue to provide a strong, active and innovative Centre that engages our community participants.


The community benefits greatly from donations and grants.  The Centre is a warm,
comfortable, safe and inclusive space for ALL seniors in our community.  Our space
is accessible for those with physical disabilities, and those who use adaptive
equipment such as walkers, canes and scooters. When seniors are involved and having
fun together it reduces stress in their lives which create a healthier person

physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Without this financial help, we would not be able to provide all the programs which

benefits the seniors and the volunteers in our community.

In Person

275 – 21st Street
West Vancouver,

BC V7V 4A5


Make a Donation Online

Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline too.

Tel: 604-922-1575

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