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How do I become a member? 

$20 is our annual Membership fee for April 1 – March 31st   This fee will cover you for the entire year.

$120 if you are Registered in Chair Yoga (also entitles you to participate in all other programs)

$60 for all program other than Chair Yoga (entitles you to participate in all other non-yoga programs)

Let's Make A Change

We rely on individual donations and community grants to support our seniors programs.    Your 100% tax deductible gift will help us continue to provide a strong, active and innovative Centre that engages our community participants.


The community benefits from grants come in many forms.  First, the space will continue to be a warm, comfortable, livable space for seniors who are both Canadians & NEW Canadians from Iran.  The upgrades can give a new revitalized energy within the members and volunteers at The Centre. Through word of mouth, other seniors come to see the improvements and consider being part of the programs offered each week day.  When seniors are involved and having fun together it reduces stress in their lives which create a healthier person both physically and mentally.

Without this financial help, we would not have had the funds required to do upgrades.  Supporting us will benefit all our members and volunteers.  As we upgrade our space, it will allow us to open our doors to other groups like “Art Crawl” which will benefit local artists and art lovers.

In Person

275 – 21st Street
West Vancouver,

BC V7V 4A5


Make a Donation Online

Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline too.

Tel: 604-922-1575


275 – 21st Street
West Vancouver,

BC V7V 4A5


Phone: 604-922-1575

Fax: 888-275-3059

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